At first I was trying to get a sense of what the plot was about. I guess that is something that is automatic for me, but when that didn’t happen it frustrated me a little. Another issue that I had at first was getting used to the jump cuts that Godard used. It was a shock to see them enter the film after watching a steady shot, but as the film continued the jump cuts made sense. In my opinion it added to the meaning behind the scenes where they were put in. The one scene that I noticed them in and i feel it helped was when Patricia was being followed by the detective. The scene shows her passing infront of a store and our view is from inside the store and then it jumps and we see the detective, and it jumps again and we see Michel following behind. I assumed that the technique of the jump cut was put there to help move the scene along and not have it drag out just to allow the rest of the characters to pass infront of the camera. Another aspect of this film that I liked was the use of available lighting. I expected it to look darker during the night scenes than it did but it was bright enough to see what was going on. Aside from that I really enjoyed the film overall it was something that is different from what I am used to seeing.

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  1.   Steven Goffstein Said:

    on December 5, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    I found that the jump cuts made the movie very confusing. In particular, I did not like how the film cut from Michel and Patricia talking to her confessing that she ratted him out to the police. It seemed like there was something important missing between the two parts of the scene. In the end, I found the film somewhat enjoyable; it left me feeling neither loving nor hating it.

  2.   nyminded Said:

    on December 7, 2010 at 2:18 am

    After taking many film courses I now understand why we always first look for the plot in films. “Classic Hollywood” style we grew up on it so when we are exposed to different styles we expect the plot to be clear or the most important in the film.

  3.   itorres102 Said:

    on December 7, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    Yes now that you mention the jump cuts is one of the things that attract me the most, because it causes discomfort. as we all know in the cinema world nowadays that is a mistake i wish those out there who wants to be a filmmaker do it. but we all know that is not easily accepted, maybe it wont sell.but the discomfort is great in the sense that takes out of the fanasy of the movie and takes back to the reality.

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